NewLook 6411 Pattern Review

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

newlook 6411

I’ve probably had this pattern well over a year now just sitting in my file box buried underneath several other sewing patterns. Most things I purchase with good intentions, like patterns, pretty fabric, or cool accessories end up being hoarded and I don’t actually use them for months. But the time has come, I finally decided to make this dress. I chose it mostly because I’m about 4 months post-partum, and I still have a pouched-out tummy due to some mild-moderate diastasis recti. (Post on this coming soon.) To try to conceal my tummy a bit I thought this dress would be a good style due to its relaxed fit, and business casual style; perfect for the office, classroom, or even everyday wear.

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Today I measured myself. I haven’t measured myself in quite some time. My weight has been fluctuating since having my baby in June, and quite frankly before Marley was conceived I still hadn’t really lost my baby weight from Valerie. Based on the size chart for the pattern I ended up picking a size based on my bust measurments. The corresponding size for my measurement is 12.

The construction was very easy and including two darts in the front. I don’t really sew patterns with darts very often, but it was very straight forward and easy to navigate. If you are looking for free patterns to practice sewing with Craftsy has a slew of them that are downloadable and beginner friendly. In my opinion, this pattern is great for beginners because of the raglan style sleeves. The pattern also includes either a button or zipper closure option in the back, which I have chosen to leave both off and just make a pull-over styled dress.

Such a fail, but all was not lost!

Once I constructed all the pieces of the dress I tried it on to check the fit. It was VERY big and frumpy, resembling a potato sack haha. I was so disappointed. I've never really had good luck with store bought patterns, and often have a lot of trouble with adult sewing projects. I went back and reread the instructions to see if I had done everything right, and I had in fact sewn with the wrong seam allowance. I already know the importance of sewing with the correct seam allowance, but this really was great reminder of how and incorrect seam allowance can drastically affect the sizing and shape of a garment. I had originally sewn with a ¼” seam allowance, so I went back and corrected all my seams to a 5/8” s.a., added a band to the neck line, shortened the sleeves, and hemmed the skirt.

Overall, I am satisfied with my final result, and I think I will be even more happy with it when lose my baby bump. I love that this dress can be dressed up or down easily, it’s super comfortable, and quick and easy to sew!

Supplies I used:

Approx. 1 ½ yard of Ponte (not sure where I got this fabric from, but I do love getting fabric from

Black thread

Sewing machine for top stitching and hemming

Stitch Witchery (for hemming)




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