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This installment of #meetyourmakers is focusing on a GypsySpoonful shop owner, Alysa Damboise, of A Crafty Mama Company. At A Crafty Mama Co. you will find all things VINYL. From personalized wine glasses and tumblers, to wall or car decals and tees! If you browse her shop it appears that anything you can put vinyl on, is game! She also welcomes custom orders!

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Let's get to know our maker. Alysa was born and raised in Long Island, NY where she spent her summers on the beach and winters building igloos; surrounded by life long friends and family. As a child she describes fond memories playing stickball in the Brooklyn streets with her family, and helping the baker man make his morning muffins. She has been married for 21 years and has 2 children; an 18 year old daughter who attends Florida State University, and 16 year old son, in high school, who lives with Type I Diabetes (Juvenile). But, they don't let Diabetes stop them from living a full life. <3

Alysa is currently upping her marketing game and social media presence, while creating more Type I (Diabetes) inspired items. They are some of her best sellers and also something that she is passionate about from life experience .

One of my favorite items at A Crafty Mama Co., is the sharing plate. I just love the sentiment behind a plate that travels through family and friends. Here's more about it from Alysa:

The Sharing Plate

This is the one plate you don’t have to worry about being returned when you bring a plate of something to share at a get-together.

It is a beautiful way to keep the sharing going on and on. We write our  name on the bottom of the plate with an arrow for the next person to write their name. That way all that have received the plate can see how far it has traveled. All of our friends and family have loved receiving The Sharing Plate. I’m sure yours would too!

The plate itself is white and sentiment color options include gold, black, red, silver, purple, green, blue, orange, yellow.

To check out these items and more please stop by online and visit the shop, A Crafty Mama Co. on Gyspsy Spoonful where there are tons of handmade items made by shop owners like Alysa and more!

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